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We specialize in personalized treatment at affordable rates. Our company has decades of experience bringing its dedicated services to the area.

The hard-to-find, high-impact individual

Professional services firms retain us when they need someone exceptional - a practice leader, a rainmaker who can scale up a business, a player who is critical to the fulfillment of their strategic plans.  In other words:  A GAME CHANGER.

Game changers are few and far between, but we know exactly how to find them.  First we develop an in-depth profile of the ideal candidate.  Then we identify the entire landscape of companies where these candidates may reside.  Drawing on our own referral network, industry sources, and research, we narrow the universe to specific candidates and selectively eliminate those who don't match our profile.

Once we have located a set of exceptional candidates, our principals excel at capturing their attention over the phone, convincing them to meet with us face-to-face, and developing relationships that facilitate open dialogue - even though, most of the time, these high-impact candidates are not actively looking to make a move.  By creating a compelling story, we inspire them to be receptive to the new opportunity our client represents.  For more on our unique approach, go here.

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