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Our Unique Approach

There are four key reasons we excel at recruiting exceptional, high-level talent:



We devote ALL of our resources to each search.

The typical search firm works on a large volume of searches concurrently.  We limit the number of searches we conduct so that we can dedicate our entire staff to each one. By focusing our resources, we are able to identify hard-to-locate individuals quickly.  Our principals have a wealth of market knowledge along with the business maturity to understand client needs and translate them into well-defined search criteria.  From there, we rely on our extensive network of contacts, expert referrals, and research to pinpoint companies where suitable candidates are working. 



We connect with and engage the candidates we identify.

Many senior-level candidates are reluctant to talk with recruiters, but we connect with nearly all of them. This is because we don’t follow the common search practice of delegating candidate contacts to junior members of the firm.  In every case, our senior leadership does all the contacting, from the very first phone call.  We know how to approach candidates on their level, pique their interest, persuade them to meet with us in person, gain an understanding of what really makes them tick, and motivate them to consider making a move.



We get the RIGHT candidates in front of our clients.

We develop an in-depth understanding of the client’s organization.  The intangibles are critical.  Every company has a unique culture, mind-set, and mix of individuals, and we need to determine if a candidate will thrive in the client’s environment.  Our feel for these intangibles is fundamental to the entire process of identifying prospects, qualifying them over and above their credentials and general reputation, and—if the individual seems a true match—effectively framing the opportunity our client represents. 



Our involvement doesn't stop when candidates begin meeting with our client.

Having developed a strong relationship with client and candidate, we continue to function as an advisor to both parties.  Because we value above all our relationship with clients, we have no interest in encouraging them to hire talent that doesn’t meet their needs or in trying to persuade candidates to accept positions that aren’t right for them.  Once client and candidate have indicated their mutual interest, our close relationships with each allow us to identify areas of concern and clarify or reinforce critical points during the interview process.  As negotiations proceed, we help maintain momentum and guide them through to a successful conclusion.

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