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In this time of unprecedented competitive pressure, we are in a unique position to help law firms bring in the high impact talent essential to their growth.

Our recruitment of exceptional candidates for a range of professional services firms has made us familiar with the legal landscape. Unlike other legal recruiting firms, we focus exclusively on placing highly successful partner-level talent, even though these game changers are difficult to approach and initially may not be looking to make a move.         

Because our senior leadership specializes in recruiting such extraordinarily talented individuals, we are able to locate bona fide candidates quickly, engage them at their level, and foster an open dialogue that helps us understand candidates’ concerns and motivations.  This in-depth knowledge allows us to qualify candidates well beyond the level of credentials and current reputation. The thorough understanding we develop of our clients’ organizations helps us gauge whether candidates will thrive in their environment.    

Sealing the Deal  

The difference between our capabilities and other search firms doesn’t end there. Drawing on our multifaceted understanding of both client and candidate, we can frame the opportunity to candidates in a compelling way.  We have a history of getting high impact players to sit down with our clients even when those candidates have been, initially, reluctant to make a change.    

Our depth of knowledge and experience makes us valuable advisors to both parties as they progress through the interview, evaluation, and negotiation process.   

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